Saturday afternoon Modernism

We first discovered our love of modernist style mainly through mid day movies as kids. Our Mum was a film buff and would take us to the fabulously deco Regent cinema in Queen St to watch 'Gone With the Wind' as 8 yo's and other Golden Years of Hollywood classics.

We were fascinated by the technicolor clothes and beehive hairdos, the impossibly perfect make up and the stylish interiors like the fab house in Peter Seller's comedy 'The Party' and the new wave French style of Jean Luc Goddard


We loved everything about these films, the soundtracks, the styling and the fabulous fashions! The perfect winged eyeliner, the simple, stylish cuts of the costumes were ingraining themselves into our psyche. The epitome of this is sartorial alchemy of Audrey and Givenchy. Seen below in the 1963 classic comedy 'Charade'.

Still inspired by filmmakers and production designers to this day, case in point the stills from newcomer Andrew Thomas Huang and his short film in competion at this years Sundance Film Festival, 'Lily Chan and the Doom Girls'.

That's it for a bit!

Love Michelle and Danielle @ Bambambu